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Our Story

I'll always be asked, 'Why did I begin a company for a yoga mat?' The response is simple: The curiosity to establish a company that will stimulate change in the yoga industry and beyond was created by our passion for yoga, wellness, and climate.—our love of renewable resources and a sustainable future. We developed our eco-friendly brand.


We wanted to build a practical yoga mat that combines outstanding technological performance with an ethical business strategy without harming ourselves or our beautiful world. We wanted to create a helpful yoga mat that combines excellent technical performance with an ethical business strategy without damaging either ourselves or our beautiful planet.

Our product philosophy is dominated by environmental consciousness and consumer comfort. Our products come from Mother Nature and are non-toxic.



Love my pants and mat,  exactly what I needed for my workout at home during this quarantine! I was afraid of it sliding while working out on the carpet and to my surprise it stayed in place perfectly. Also the knee padding helped with my work up to full push ups. Great buy for sure!


I really like this mat. It’s thick and works great on my wood floors. I bought it to replace another more expensive mat that was supposed to be “extra thick” but was not. The strap is handy and the price is fantastic! (29).jpg


Great yoga mat! I’m new to yoga and this is like the third different mat I’ve tried. The last one I received from another seller was really cute but so thin I could only use it on plush carpeted areas. The mat however is the perfect thickness so I can use it on any surface tile or carpet. 

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You are here because you want to help the people around you feel better — whether in the school, workplace, yoga studio or retail.  Yoga Fever products can help.

We are a leading manufacturer of yoga and wellness products, from yoga mats and blocks to pilates accessories and cushions to balance and pads for rehabilitation massagers and meditation equipment.

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We sell a wide variety of wholesale yoga supplies for yoga teachers, educators, companies, and more from bulk yoga mats and blocks.

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